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To pre-delivery inspector July 20, 2006

Posted by tcnme in Driving, Oddity.

To pre-delivery inspector:

Insert these plugs into the holes of the center floor side member extensions.

weird tC plug thingClearly, the “pre-delivery inspector” was slacking when it came to my car, or else I wouldn’t have found this little bag in my glove compartment… or even known my tC has center floor side member extensions. They sure as heck weren’t listed on the window sticker.

I believe the first time I noticed this was giving the car a once-over before leaving the dealer. I had test-driven a tC months earlier at another Scion dealer, and was basically sold on it back then. It’s probably a huge car-buying no-no (don’t tell anyone I told you this, Internets!) but I didn’t even see my car until the hours-long process of signing paperwork and jumping through hoops and securing insurance for my car was complete. Whoops. (But there was no harm done… this time.)

diagram of where to put the weird tC plug thingBut back to the matter of the center floor side member extensions. I’ve pulled the bag out of the glove compartment a few times, meaning to ask the smart folks on a website like Scion Life, but never got around to it. I took these pictures intended to finally post, but decided to try searching first… and found only one match — this — a thread on a Toyota forum. As mustang67408 answered

They go outside of the vehicle, just in front of each tire, under the vehicle. In the floor pan. Those are plugs to plug the holes they use to tie down the vehicle on the transport truck. They should have been installed on the PDI.
D= delivery

To pre-delivery inspector: Insert these plugs into the holes of the center floor side member extensions.As someone else noted on the thread, things like this are perfect examples of attention to detail. (Referring to Toyota’s policy of plugging the holes… not the person responsible for plugging my holes forgetting to do so.)

I suppose I should go plug my holes sometime.