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First odd noise July 9, 2006

Posted by tcnme in Anecdote, Driving, Mileage.
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In just over two weeks with my tC (and just over 500 miles, which we passed last night), I haven’t really come across anything to make me feel as if I’ve a lemon on my hands.

But I did have a little, brief scare.

Exactly a week after taking the car home, I filled out my insurance paperwork and decided I had better take it to the post office right away, to make sure it gets it needs to be ASAP. The stop-and-go city driving gave me a few opportunities to experience an odd, low clicking sound, which seemed to correlate with the speed at which I was driving. As I would accelerate, the clicking would get faster, slower as I braked. Not knowing much about cars, I assumed the worst — something’s awry with the engine.

As I heard it happen a few more times, I listened intently and realized that it was more of an electronic sort of click, rather than mechanical. This got me thinking critically and I eventually had a very good idea of what it could be; I’d try turning off the stereo.

Now, mind you, I wasn’t listening to music or anything, but I had left the stereo on the last time I was in the car. And I had been utilizing one of the most fun things I’ve found about this car, its 3.5 mm (1/8″… standard headphone, etc.) AUX port, for plugging in audio devices. I had left the volume turned very far up, a requirement for getting decent volume from plugged-in devices.

Turning off the stereo made the noise go away. I suppose the plug was picking up some electronic-sort of interference, or something.

I was just pretty relieved to find that it wasn’t something more, ehm, complicated.