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An intro, of sorts July 2, 2006

Posted by tcnme in Meta.
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So here’s the deal: I broke down (but not too far), went ahead and purchased my first car about a week ago. I’m a bit older than most first-time car buyers, but not incredibly so. Probably about average for new-car buyers. But I don’t have numbers or research to back this up, so I won’t dwell on it.

While living without one has been an inconvenience from time to time, it seems I managed to survive, save money, etc. However, taking a few other life factors into consideration, it seemed that at this time, the time was just about right… or at the very least, not too wrong.

I put a few months of thought into this, so it wasn’t exactly an impulse buy. And as much as I’d like to maintain some semblance of suspense, I’ll just put it out there; I went with a 2007 Scion tC, for various reasons I’ll get into in later posts.

So I guess that’s… pretty much, my thesis. I bought this car for reasons.

I really hope to have plenty of nice things to say about this car. And so far I do; I have no real complaints. Take this with a grain of salt, if you want, since my tC and I have only been together for just over a week.

So this is a blog about me and my car. My car and I.

Coming soon: photos, anecdotes, (and if necessary, though hopefully not many) whines and raves. And a heaping load of whatnot.